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Save the world with your farm!

Enfold magic's charm - evolve crops, crossbreed magical animals, build relationships based on choices and find love without limitations. Shape your own enchanted farm paradise, while mastering cooking, fishing, and magic potions brewing and restore the magic in a damaged world.


  • From seed to sorcery – grow known and unique crops and discover their magical evolutions in this enchanting farming game.
  • Breed animals beyond imagination – master the art of magical crossbreeding with 27 species, including elusive dragons.
  • Rebuilding the world – restoring magic eases your farm life in a diverse world.
  • Embrace love's variety - discover the joy of dating characters with different backgrounds and mindsets and get them known by using multiple dialogue choices.
  • Craft your own destiny - pursue various activities from cooking to fishing to brewing magic potions.
  • Diverse avatars, boundless possibilities – play as one of the 5 species and customize your character based on their style.
  • Design your dream farm - let the decoration system shape your farm's allure.